What credit experiences do borrowers have

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The company has been one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland since 2004, whose main focus is the comprehensive solution of loan financing for the self-employed and private individuals.

The credit platform Good Credit cooperates with all major credit banks and financial institutions. This makes it easy for private loan seekers with a good credit rating to opt for a cheap and suitable bank loan.

Who is the Good Credit?

Who is the Good Credit?

The company was founded in Aargau in 2004 and currently consists of the founding members Dino and Weibel. Since then, the company has developed into one of the leading credit portals in the country.

Interested parties can use the loan platform to compare the current terms of the various installment loans. When evaluating numerous customer reviews and tests, the Good Credit always occupied one of the top ranks.

What are the advantages of this company?

What are the advantages of this company?

Certain consumers have certainly had less positive experiences with loans in Switzerland. The main advantage of this portal is that loan seekers are advised independently of experienced financial experts. This is the only way to select a possible bank that will finance the project or the project of the applicant.

A scoring value that is too low often results in a rejection of the credit request, even if no negative features are visible and the customer would certainly be able to make the installment payments properly. This is due to the fact that the decision-making process of banks is automated and therefore not very transparent.

The situation is different with a personal loan through Good Credit: Here, interested parties are supported by experienced loan experts in localizing the ideal source of finance. Borrowers essentially benefit from the following advantages:

  • the request is 100 percent non-binding and free of charge
  • easy credit processing and quick result feedback
  • independent loan comparison of several financial providers
  • low interest rates due to exclusive banking contracts
  • high approval rate due to optimized credit controlling

Are there any positive credit experiences with Good Credit?

In all experience reports, borrowers emphasize in particular the transparent procedure with regard to the credit rating. In addition, the competent customer service is commended, as many questions can be answered quickly in a personal phone call.

Is debt restructuring possible?

Is debt restructuring possible?

Of course, consumers can use the Good Credit credit portal to redeem their existing installment loans. This procedure is recommended if the new personal loan can score with cheaper contract components such as a longer term or lower interest payments.

Anyone opting for a loan repayment must provide the Good Credit credit advisor with all bank details and credit balances. This is done with the help of a final bill, which is issued to the customer by the previous bank. The amount paid out is then transferred directly to the financial institution. A detour via the applicant’s account is not planned.

What loan terms are there?

The differences between the individual lenders are also great on this point. Some limit the loan terms to 60 months, while others grant 84 months. A small number of the money houses even offer contracts with a period of 120 months.

The intention of the long contract term is that the personal loans can be repaid more easily with the available income and there will be no defaults. Since interest rates also increase with longer terms, Good Credit recommends that the liabilities be repaid quickly.

Are there limits to the amount of the loan?

Are there limits to the amount of the loan?

Loan amounts of USD 3,000 to USD 250,000 are possible, but some financial institutions only grant sums of money up to a maximum of USD 80,000. However, since this finance portal has many years of experience with loans in Switzerland, consumers can also use it to find cheap loans that are above the previously mentioned loan amount.

Since 2004, Good Credit has provided installment loans with a total value of over 40 million dollars. The reputable company has many years of experience in the areas of loan brokerage and financing processing. Another advantage is that the credit portal is a certified and certified provider with a license to broker loans in Switzerland.